Finding a boarding facility for very large dogsFinding a boarding facility for very large dogs

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Finding a boarding facility for very large dogs

I have three Irish Wolfhounds. They are awesome dogs and are such an important part of our family. When we need to go away we bring them to a boarding facility, but we need to have the right one as our dogs are really big but they are so used to sleeping together that we can't imagine separating them. It takes a super-sized boarding facility to fit them all into one area. This blog has tips on how to find a kennel that can deal with big dogs, especially if you have a doggy family that likes to stick together.

How To Become A Home Dog Boarder

If you love dogs, you might be thinking of setting up your own dog boarding business, looking after people's pets while they're out at work or away overnight.  But what do you need to do in order to become a licenced dog boarder?  Read on for some helpful information. Becoming a dog boarder – what to expect In order to legally board dogs in your home you must have a licence from your local council. Read More 

Two things you must do before placing your pet in a boarding kennel

Boarding kennels are a very useful option for those who need somewhere safe to leave their dogs or cats whilst they travel. Facilities of this kind can provide pets with a secure, comfortable environment in which they are well cared for, properly monitored and receive plenty of attention. Here are some steps that you should take prior to placing your pet in a boarding kennel.  Do your research and choose the right facility Read More 

Live Alone? Follow These 3 Steps to Socialise Your Cat Before They Enter a Cattery

Cats that do the best staying in a cattery are usually those that have been well socialised. This is the process of acclimating a cat to other humans. A well-socialised kitty is likely to be affectionate with the majority of people, or will at least refrain from running away whenever someone new enters your home. A poorly-socialised cat is often timid and distrustful, and they will often become extremely scared, and possibly aggressive, in a cattery. Read More